We Are The Dogs

‘We are the Dogs’ Hotel Exhibition


‘We are the Dogs’

by Funky Red Dog

We Are The DogsNew Steine Exhibition

Available for viewing between 11am and 9pm every day.

Funky Red Dog is pleased to announce his new show at The New Steine Hotel in Kemptown Brighton, as part of the Fringe arts festival. This collection showcases some of his new large works on canvas, incorporating classic British Mod style with his ever expanding collection of anthropomorphic dog models to create a vibrate and exciting collection of artwork on canvas and paper at affordable prices.

For those of you who haven’t seen the Funky Red Dogs work, either on the streets of Brighton or in the galleries, he is a fine art printmaker, trained in London, who now makes intricate hand cut stencils featuring various surreal combinations of people with dogs heads replacing their own. He takes these strangely beautiful new characters and spraypaints them on various walls and street furniture around Brighton.

But these works on canvas allow us a chance to look at his work in a new way and admire the slick and shiny feel of the paint. As though they have just been printed and the ink is still wet. Mainly taken from his recent commission work for various dog loving clients, Funky Red Dog invites us into his surreal world to enjoy the craftsmanship and slickness of these new stylish works in the sumptuous surroundings of this boutique hotel bar.

Using the laborious method of hand-cutting paper stencils to create his trade mark dog headed figures, Funky Red Dog introduces us to his new gang of beautiful mutant misfits, teamed with a classic British mod style to bring us his latest collection of paintings and prints on paper at The New Steine Hotel this spring

“Using spraypaint allows me to build up multiple layers of slick and shiny gloss paint, making a wonderful shiny surface which I can overpaint to create different angles for the light to catch the image. I enjoy the luxurious nature of the paint, the way it dripples and splats creating a beautiful mass of mess.”

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