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Top 5 Lunch Spots in Brighton


In all my writing and reading blogs about things to see and do in Brighton, you have everything from best places to stay, greatest attractions, to the best places to have dinner or even for the best breakfast, but you hardly see lunchtime recommendations, so I thought I’d let you all know how amazing Brighton can be for that lunch time break, whether you’ve got a quick 20 minute break, or can lounge about all lunchtime long.

1. Lunch on the Quick

Not everyone has the luxury of a long lunch break midweek, with most of us rushing about to grab a quick sandwich and drink at the local shop, but I encourage you to take a few extra minutes and get a little taste of Mediterranean delights at one of my favourite delis, the Sunbirds Deli on London Road. Rated as 5 stars on TripAdvisor, it really is a treat with a great range of offerings, from warm foods, salads, healthy and vegan options, and also some lovely sweet and sticky treats. With amazing service and takeaways as well as sit in, this really is a great place to grab that quick lunchtime meal full of flavour.

2. The friendliest Café in Town

I may be bias, but I do truly believe that Cup of Joe’s, in the Kemptown Trading Post on St George’s Road, is a great venue for your lunch time, with both the café to grab a tasty bite, or peruse the wares on sale from the traders. It is a great location to chill out for hours on end if you wish – the staff are really friendly and helpful, and the fresh produce, daily specials and cold or warm treats is always a refreshing change from the norm. Many a lunchtime I’ll pop in, either to sit and chat with new and old friends, or grab a snack as I wander past.

3. Something a little more special

For those wanting to spend a little more and impress their colleagues or loved ones, I would definitely recommend the Salt Room, located on King’s Road. Sister venue to the Coal Shed, this busy and popular venue offers an amazing menu, with a great set lunch menu. Their presentation is spectacular and that alone will have you coming back, but the flavours and portions are great too, and the staff are well trained in wine recommendations for those that want a quick tipple with their lunch. And their desserts are amazing – a little pricy but the ‘Taste of the Pier’ is great with a mini candyfloss and small taster desserts for two.

4. Burger under the Arches

I must mention Troll Burger – though it’s only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday (12-9), it really is an amazing place to grab a great priced burger with all the trimmings. Just an unassuming Burger Shack under the Arches, they advertise themselves as selling Organic Dirty Burgers. They pull no punches and throw pretension out the window – they just want to give a great organic burger for all the punters. Greasy, dripping and soooooo good.

5. It’s all about location

Whether you’ve grabbed a quick sandwich form the local supermarket or brought you’ve own lunch to work, lunchtimes are not just about where you get your food, but about where you decide to sit and eat it. Take advantage of the great range of locations you can sit and soak in the surroundings of our amazing city (weather permitting of course). My top chill out, outdoor lunchtime spot has to be the beach. Moving away from the tourist area to the West of the main pier, head closer to the Marina and nab yourself a spot on the pebbles. With the Volks Railway passing through, views behind of the Art Deco buildings, and the sea lapping at the shore, it really is a truly beautiful place to sit and munch on your chosen dish.

Where ever you decide to eat out for lunch in Brighton, I know you’ll have a truly great experience. I don’t know anywhere that I’ve been really disappointed in Brighton, and with the array of places and my love of dining out, that is saying something. Enjoy!